Infinity The Game


"Across the vast reaches, we grew strong.
We bridged the gaps between stars.
We mastered technology, unlocked the secrets of mind and body. Welcome to the Infinity Universe.
Retired sniper Knauf believes his days as a pawn in the grand game of intrigue are behind him. But an ambitious officer, Emily Handelman, is about to show up at his doorstep to enroll him in an operation where nothing is what it seems. In his hands are now not only state secrets and the lives of Human Sphere citizens, but the blood prize of his own identity. "


Víctor Santos | Script
His varied career as an author and illustrator in the European and American markets includes the series Witch & Wizard, The Mice Templar, Marvel Axis, and the graphic novel Filthy Rich. His graphic novel trilogy Polar, published by Dark Horse Comics, was nominated for the prestigious American Harvey award and is currently being adapted for the big screen by Constantin Films.

Kenny Ruiz | Illustration
Among his many projects after working for Disney as an illustrator, the following stand out: El Cazador de Rayos; Barcelona; Le Mystère Nemo, for the French editorial Delcourt; Malefic: Soum, a manga that explores Luis Royo’s Malefic Universe; and Dos Espadas, an awarded young adult manga.

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