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ITS Season 2016

The new ITS Season starts!

Infinity Army 6

Infinity Army 6: quicker and more efficient.

Xeodron Batroids: A designed nightmare

Brute force for the Combined Army

24 jun

Kaauri Sentinels: Tiny Guardians

An Article by Juan Lois “HellLois”

In their long history of war against the Combined Army, the Tohaa Trident had to face big challenges and impossible threats. However, there had not been a bigger menace than the fear and paranoia spread by the Shasvastii operatives, experts in impersonation and creating mayhem throughout a whole army with just one assassination.

Because of this, a project to create a guardian of artificial nature was developed. A watching eye! The protector to whom no menace will pass by: the Kaauri Sentinel.


17 jun

News from the front - Next ITS Season update

An article by Juan Lois (HellLois)

The current ITS season is very close to an end with the grand final battle on the III Interplanetary.

The following ITS season will come full of surprises and new features. But, for now, the Hexahedron keeps all the information tightly under secret.


12 jun

Russia Day!

Let´s celebrate the #RussiaDay! We draw 1 KAZAK SPETSNAZ (HMG)! To participate, you just need to comment on this Facebook post, or on Twitter using the hashtag #KazakSpetsnaz answering the following question: “What's harder than a Spetsnaz?" Everyone who post a comment during today, June 12, will participate in the raffle. We'll announce the winner next Monday (June 13). Good luck to everyone and Happy #RussiaDay!


10 jun

2 Fast 2 Brushes: Unidron Batroide

A speed paint tutorial by David Anta “Daf”.

Most of us have too many miniatures (What? There are never enough!), and when it comes down to playing, we have to be productive instead of meticulous.


03 jun

ITS: Top Secrets revealed

An article by Juan Lois (HellLois)

Greetings Commander. Have a seat please.

As you already know, our last victory has been discrete… but fruitful. We have recovered confidential information in Flamia Island. High Secrets from which we have to take advantage to keep our position intact and show the enemy that our nation is in charge. That our nation is on the lead…


03 jun

Onyx Contact Force 300 Points Army Pack

The Onyx Contact Forces are the representatives of the EI to new races and civilizations, designated for operations in remote locations without immediate support.


03 jun

Kosuil Assault Pioneers

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: The Tohaa Trident utilizes the single thousands to denominate its special-purpose units, but some numerologically powerful figures can, when they occur in consonance, carry strongly negative connotations. Such is the case of number Kosuil, 7040, which conjures up implications of discord and ruination, abuse of power, callousness, crudeness, and malice.

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