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One hundred and seventy-five years in the future, the Human Sphere is home to Mankind. A place to defend, a place to conquer, a place to take advantage of. Each and every one of the major powers has a grand purpose for the Sphere, and the destiny of the human race will be forged in both their open and their clandestine engagements.


The term “Human Sphere” refers to Mankind as a whole, as well as the different star systems that it controls. The Sphere is the reality of the human race’s political, socioeconomic, and day-to-day life, an accumulation of dynamic forces between the major and minor powers that comprise it.


The Human Sphere is currently an environment submerged in a fragile calm. This apparent placidity plays host to tensions and dangers, some visible and many beneath the surface, which are released in covert or small scale conflicts. The secret unrest between the major powers is fundamental in preventing the pressure from reaching critical mass and exploding into a large scale conflict that devours all of Man-kind.


But the Human Sphere is much more than this. It is also an idea, a concept that mutates, changes, and varies according to the prism through which it is seen. Each of the powers that constitute part of it has a different view regarding what the Human Sphere actually is. Alliances, dissents, and conflicts arise from the differences between these perspectives.


“The name of Neoterra evokes the same feeling in ever-yone that hears it. The brilliant gem of the Sphere, the luminous center of our economy. The epitome of everything PanOceania stands for, both the good and the bad.”

Extract from “The Splendor of Neoterra”,
by Johur Ali al Sefi for Haas, the travel channel of Al Boushra, only on Maya.



The next edition of “Infinity: Human Sphere” will be a full color compilation book that updates its ruleset to Infinity N3, adding new rules, special skills, weapons and equipment. It will also have background and army lists of complete and expanded Sectorial Armies, including the Steel Phalanx of ALEPH and the Tohaa army list.


Human Sphere brings a new dimension to Infinity N3, and is essential for diving into the Infinity universe and developing the tactical capabilities of every player.


Infinity Human Sphere N3 contents:


  • Guide book
  • Rulebook



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