Infinity The Game

Yu Jing

Its challenger, its perpetual opponent, the other great power, is Yu Jing (pronounced you cheeng), the Asian giant. The whole of the Far East, united under the banner of what once was China, has produced an integrated, but heterogeneous, oriental culture. Equipped with a blooming industrial sector, state-of-the-art technology and astounding economic growth, Yu Jing is ready and willing to demand the dominant position to which it feels entitled.


Light Infantry
Medium Infantry
Heavy Infantry


Yu Jing has it all. This army has a technological response to each scenario. The armored trample of an unmatched variety of fully-equipped, cutting-edge HIs; powerful TAG; lightning-fast motorbikes; hand-to-hand mastery… mere distractions from the sharp blade of the Ninja behind you. If you’re into the Far East mystique and the tactical possibilities of hi-tech, you’ll make an excellent officer for the Yu Jing StateEmpire.

Infinity Staff


Yu Jing encompasses a few different approaches to the game: they are melee and mobility specialists in their Japanese Sectorial Army branch, while still enjoying an efficient, high-stat roster in their Imperial sectorial. Join them together and the result is an army that covers every angle.

ITS Winner


The second greatest human power. Its exceptional power lies in the combination of tough-as-nails HIs like the Hac Tao and the Hsien with cheap, disposable Warbands, namely the Kuang Shi and the Shaolin.

Yu Jing has access to excellent Skirmishers, the Guilang and the Ninja, with a nice Close Combat game in addition to their ranged value. Not to mention the ultimate Ninja: a well-positioned Oniwaban can earn your victory single-handedly.

Others have slightly more dependable firepower, but no one can boast the sheer variety of Yu Jing, who has an answer to every threat. Learn to adapt, and soon your rivals will be crushed underfoot.

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