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The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization currently waging an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Guardians of one of the great treasures of the universe, the Tohaa have withstood the EI’s onslaught longer than any other race in this galaxy. The Tohaa are masters of biotechnology, capable of building terrible viral weapons and impervious symbiont armors, but also of altering other species, granting them more intelligence so they can fight by their side. The Tohaa need allies, and Humanity seems fitting for the first line of the fight against the Combined Army.


Light Infantry
Medium Infantry
Heavy Infantry


Our unlikely allies against the EI, come from the depths of space to fulfil an obscure agenda. Their biotech expertise is most prominent in their augmenting Symbiont Armors and their fearsome viral weaponry. But the most salient feature is their ability to form Combat Triads, three-strong Fireteams formed by different types of units. This racial quirk effectively creates fast, versatile units capable of responding to anything their enemies can throw at them. Do you have the tactical acumen and mental nimbleness to handle this paradigm shift? Welcome to the Tohaa ranks!

Infinity Staff

Palanka: Tohaa Triads open the door to heights of versatility unheard of in any other faction. Make sure to mix it up with a specialist for every area of combat, and watch your enemies squirm!

ITS Finalist

Jay Walker: Tohaa is a quick and flexible army, being able to re-deploy and maneuver effective pieces of your army, all the while being very order efficient. However, don't spread yourself too thin or leave a triad hanging in the wind. In this case bad news does come in three's.

Symbiont Armor is great at eliminating some of the chance that can get you killed in the active turn, "Ah you crit me with your ARO? Let's try that again..."

Tohaa has many great specialist options so stock up, however, also make sure to bring a good problem solver, for me it's "Blackhawk" my Gao Rael Sniper. He's the perfect tool to kill enemy Snipers or ARO aggressive elements like Cameronians.

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