Infinity The Game


Three gargantuan spaceships endlessly traverse the Sphere, doing what others cannot or will not do, sticking it to ‘the Man’ and contesting ordinary definitions of normalcy and acceptability. Do you prefer to think for yourself? Do you want to travel? Then you might have a Nomad spirit.


Light Infantry
Medium Infantry
Heavy Infantry


Nomads live out in space, and such a hostile environment has desensitized them to fear. Their military is defined by efficiency and attitude, and they have both in spades. They train some of the best Medium Infantries: special ops, shock troops and elite snipers. They also have cool Remotes and quirky TAG, but nothing compares to their Hackers! Nomads are infowar masters, and their cybersphere aces can deter and deny the fanciest military tech with a couple of clicks. In the Nomad Nation, being tough won’t cut it, you also have to look the part.


HellLois: This is the future, and infowar prevalence is fundamental. Nomads take this to heart, which is why they train the best Hackers in the Human Sphere. When your survival is on the line, nothing is off-limits: your dirty tricks can freeze enemies solid or turn their TAG against them. The Nomad play style is a whole lot of fun, as verified by your opponent’s scowl when everything clicks into place.

ITS Winner

Magno: When you've no planet of your own and live in an Armada of Spaceships, you're gonna rely heavily on less conventional methods and exploiting your opponent's weaknesses.

- Corregidor Jurisdictional Command: If you like options for dropping in troops from the sky, CJC is for you. Back them up with one of the game's best MI the Intruder and drawing on a few choice mercenary troops to fill the gaps in Hacking and Close Combat.

- Bakunin Jurisdictional Command: I'm not biased at all, but this is the best sectorial out there. ;) What could be better than fielding illegally genetic modified troops and creatures with specialized techniques on the foundation of super female soldier-hackers who have the ability to shut the entire table down with electronic warfare.

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