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Combined Army

The Evolved Intelligence, an alien AI with a vast wealth of knowledge and a cold, relentless will, has conquered, subjugated and annihilated entire civilizations to fulfill its ultimate ambition: Transcendence unto a higher evolutionary plane. To that end, the EI has created a well-honed instrument of conquest: the Combined Army. In it, the AI has gathered some of the most dangerous species from its cosmic domains: the viciously brutal Morat, bred for war and war only; the insidious, sly Shasvastii, capable of anything to guarantee the survival of their species; the Sygmaa Trihedron, race traitors, biotech virtuosos, death dealers. Headed by combat incarnations of the EI itself, they are the most formidable war machine this galaxy has ever witnessed. Now they have set their sights on the Human Sphere...


Light Infantry
Medium Infantry
Heavy Infantry


The most dangerous species in the universe, handpicked for service by an alien AI utterly devoid of mercy. The brutal Morat, excellent in direct violence; the devious Shasvastii, masters of stealth and ambush; the deadly Sygmaa, special operatives who command powerful biotechnology; the mysterious Umbra, unrivaled martial artists; cold-hearted, reliable robots; and, ruling over all, the combat incarnations of the Evolved Intelligence, mighty vessels capable of turning the tide of battle. The sum of these parts is the Combined Army, a force that is the very nature of power.

Infinity Staff

Palanka: Knees tremble every time an Avatar hits the battleground, and that plays right into your hands. While all eyes are on the big guy, keep a tight rein on your Shasvastii and line up the perfect shot. Then, hit them where it hurts!

ITS Finalist

Bill Evans: Inside the Combined Army, the Shasvastii is a fantastic force for players who enjoy playing mind games as much as rolling dice. At a cursory glance the Shasvastii profiles can seem underwhelming but do not underestimate the power of the Shasvastii rule. Survival is key to the race and those Spawn-Embryos can win you many games all by themselves! Heavy use of camouflage and some of the best infiltration units in the game make Shasvastii a force to be reckoned with.

If you prefer to stand and face your enemy Shasvastii can embrace that philosophy as well. With fantastic units such as the Gwailos and Caliban there is no want for heavy weapons. Nobody wants to see a link team of Gwailos on the other side of the table. You can compose a competitive ITS list plenty of fun toys to play with if killing is your thing. Two flexible 4 man Fireteams are available should you need them to let you adapt to the problem at hand. Turn one is all about the Gwailos and even if your opponent takes down that Fireteam you're ready for the Seed Soldiers Fireteam Turn two.

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