Infinity The Game


ALEPH is the name of the single Artificial Intelligence that oversees the data network of the Human Sphere and most major international technological systems. The scope of its responsibilities is so broad that, in service of Humanity and under O-12 supervision, a whole organizational structure has been created around it to assist in its functions. To fulfill its mission, ALEPH oversees a sizable fraction of all human activity as a sort of friendly, inconspicuous Big Brother whose only goal seems to be aiding us. And yet ALEPH does have enemies. The Nomad Nation has a bitter hatred for the only legitimate AI, convinced that Humanity is but a hapless puppet furthering its secret agenda. And there is also the Evolved Intelligence, whose confrontations with ALEPH are clashes of titans on an epic scale.


Light Infantry
Medium Infantry
Heavy Infantry


The Artificial Intelligence that grants us boundless love and protection whether we demand it or not is substantiated by hyper-technology. Operations units, recognizable by their Hindu names, field Remotes and augmented troops whose versatility stems from pure, emotionless logic. On the other end of the spectrum, the Assault troops who form the Steel Phalanx meet the Combined Army in battle with the ardor of legendary warriors. They are heroes of Antiquity with matching super-human artificial bodies, specialists in the unadorned brand of combat that behooves soldiers created for the sole purpose of laying waste to the opposition.

Infinity Staff

Palanka: Your Optical Disruption Devices will keep your troops safe from enemy sharpshooters; your Multispectral Visors will keep enemy camos out of your hair; your Remote Presence units know no fear… ALEPH troops are the elite of the Human Sphere!

ITS Winner

–Make sure to field at least one Myrmidon every time. Few units give so much at such a low cost: arm them with a Spitfire for an effective spear head, or give them a Chan Rifle for cheap rearguard coverage.

–A Sophotect is your Jane of All Trades: she can heal, repair, capture objectives, move swiftly and withstand a ton of punishment. Never leave home without one and her entourage of Yudbots.

-What’s better than an ALEPH Aspect? An Aspect who can infiltrate and remain camouflaged. Nagas or Dasyus, either of them is sure to please. If you are having a hard time choosing one, why not do you choose them both?

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