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11 sep

Infinity RPG: Closing the circle

An article by Alberto Abal (Bran do Castro)

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  • -It woke up my appetite, we should play more often...
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Excuse this nonsense, I think I'm starting the story from the end. Even though I am pretty sure that a couple of years back we had a similar conversation. When Infinity was nothing more than another project on both Gutier's and my minds, with ideas about making a comic. Before we joined Carlos and Fer to develop a more cohesive background and a game system for miniatures, before all of that, it was roleplaying.

For years we played games with characters, background and rules, enjoying every new planet, spaceship, alley or antagonistic society that our characters faced on their crazy missions. Each day they lived on that universe, lead us inexorably to what you now know as Infinity.

It was back in 2005 when it was a complete reality and we started living out of what had been our entertainment. The landmower in which our “baby” turned out forced us to leave in a box those seeds that were our first roleplaying sessions. But somewhere in our minds, mine the darkest and messier, those seeds got enough nutrients to sprout, over and over. So, every now and then we had the urge of releasing our own roleplaying game, and the first ruleset outlines were wrote and shown to the other Horsemen of my personal Apocalypse and over and over again they were turned into manure.

But a little bit more than a year ago, Chris Birch came to us with a project to start this game that we could not realize. He brought the recipe to bring it forth, he wanted everything that comprised Infinity at the moment, but without letting behind anything that had been important for us in the beginning...And we loved his idea. So during marathon sessions and thanks to technology (Lights pointed at our eyes, experimental truth serums and Ricky Martin's songs... or at least that is how I remember it), Chris managed to get us talking about all those experiences, those unveiled stories, places yet to discover and different approaches from where to take on Infinity.

He took those seeds from which we could not bear fruit into his island, he planted and fertilize them. We gave him designs and illustrations of troops, civilians, HVTs, environments, all the rich background of today's Infinity, even unreleased parts of it. And during some time we did not hear news from Modiphius, except that they were working, shaping the rules set that would be the foundations from with to build the stories.

Of course we followed with great interest the open playtesting phases on the roleplaying communities of Modiphius and Infinity players. But nothing can compare to a direct demo. Well that moment finally came. During the II Interplanetary Chris let us try the first fruits of the work.

I guess that if you kept reading until here is because you would like my opinion, well here it goes. The system uses 2 d20s for almost every roll except for the damage for which it uses various special d6s, but the important thing is that it is full of action and tense moments, it allows our characters to perform all those scenes happening in our crazy heads and for which they are trained. But it also adds tools for the master to manage the level of difficulty of the encounters and scenes, being the very own players who risk to obtain better results on their rolls by giving tokens (Heat) to fuel the master so she can make more interesting and movie-like encounters. And you know what? At the end of the scene you are sweating metaphorically (and/or actually) asking for more.

Now the conversation in the beginning has more sense. The Infinity miniatures game was born out of those first roleplaying sessions, and now that roleplaying game is born out of the miniatures game...The circle has been closed.

If you want to try the Beta version of the game and make your own impressions out of it, you only have to go to the website and follow their instructions. Enjoy it.




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