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10 feb


An article by Juan Lois “HellLois”

The last update of the ITS rules has brought along a few small, but very significant improvements. The 8th season is the first ITS season with a background story, on which after the definitive death of Toni Macayana, the PanOceanian general, Johann Friedrich Kleinmann sets forth the TAGLINE project to recover the popularity and trust of the citizens and army on the Zeitgeist Executive Board, an important lobby in PanOceania.

One of the small improvements have been the addition of the Remote Pilots in all Remote Presence TAGs, small semi-autonomous auxiliary devices that the pilot can operate outside the TAG, enhancing their versatility to accomplish objectives. A show of power and advanced technology of the PanOceanian Military Complex, something that other factions have emulated swiftly.

On their part, the manned TAG regiments have developed intensive express training programs for their pilots, in order to accomplish the mission objectives in a safe way, always protected by their heavy Armored Tactical Gears.

If you don’t know the TAGLINE story, don’t miss the first video of the story or read the narrative background and stay tuned to what’s coming.

Let’s make a small analysis of the pilots and their new skills.


Inside the Asian Giant we have the GÃ…«ijiă Squadron and the O-Yoroi Kidobutai.

The GÃ…«ijiă Pilot, even though looking delicate, controls a meat grinding machine able to take down any enemy of the StateEmpire, she belongs to a prestigious and proud unit, so, watch out for her!

After the TAGLINE Effect this pilot has become a Specialist Operative, which will help accomplish objectives with relative safety and an interesting degree of success, their Willpower Attribute is similar to other regular specialists.

As if it wasn’t enough, she has being given a Light Flamethrower, a Direct Template weapon to surprise groups of enemies from behind and burn any remnant of hope that could be left.

The O-Yoroi Pilots have received training as Forward Observers, given their experience with the “Crazy Koalas” projectiles. This new skill turns them into a resistant support for heavy artillery, allowing it to blow up any enemy location. They have received a Contender as part of their standard issue equipment, ideal to deal in ARO in case they are left out of their TAG at the end of the Turn.


There is not a miniature for them yet on the Infinity range, but this is something you shouldn’t worry about. Corvus Belli has decided to support Luxumbra’s kickstarter providing a spectacular 32mm miniature that represents faithfully the O-Yoroi Pilot illustration. So don’t forget to back this project and get your miniature before is too late!


Haqqislam harbors the best medic specialists in the whole Human Sphere, and the Maghariba Guard regiment couldn’t be less. All the Maghariba Pilots have received specific first aid and emergency medicine training, so they now have the Paramedic Special Skill. This TAG has become a combat ambulance, ideal to get a Paramedic close to our Unconscious troops. 

Apart, with her Willpower Attribute value 14, the Maghariba Pilot is a very trust worthy specialist able to accomplish objective missions, and on the missions with a Bonus to Doctors and Paramedics they are a sure bet.


The Nomad Nation has three manned TAG at their disposal, and all three have been included in the TAGLINE initiative, improving the capacities and weaponry of their pilots.

Lizard Pilots have become Specialist Operatives able to accomplish any mission, from ripping the enemy with bullets or accomplishing the objectives. And if the fighting comes too close and we lose the distance bonus of the HMG, now we can use the Submachine Gun at short range and against high armor targets.

Szalamandra Pilots have received specific training to hunt down enemy Hackers, with their lethal Killer Hacking Device. Also they have been equipped with a Contender for self-protection when outside the TAG.

Gecko Pilots have received the same training as their big cousins, and now they are Specialist Operatives. Also, it has been decided to equip them with another Assault Pistol, to further increase their lethality at short range, which will help a lot, given their “miniTAG” nature they will advance using the cover and become a bastion of protection for the objectives they just accomplished.

On the next week we will continue the analysis of the TAGLINE Effect!




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