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23 feb

ITS Season 2016

We start off the new 2016 season, a season that comes full of changes.

First at all, you have to take into account that this season is short, because it starts today and ends on the III Interplanetary. This is due to the readjustment that the seasons will go through in order to make Interplanetary the end and beginning of the next season.

The Tournament Pack has also radically changed in its content, now including useful exclusive extras for the game. 

In this season we are introducing the OTM – The Official Tournament Manager– the app that will allow you to report tournaments and manage the Rounds, but this will also serve as a bulletin board, where we can see any tournament advertised on which you can participate.

Thanks to the OTM a lot of information of each tournament will be compiled which will allow to implement the ELO System in the Infinity organized play.

In this season there are two very important changes being introduced, that will be implemented after the OTM introduction. To organize a tournament you must announce it on the web app a week before its celebration, which means that first you must have a Tournament Code.

This requisite will start being applied on March the 7th, that gives 15 days to adapt during which tournaments can be organized without a week’s notice.

The Classified Deck will have two “uses” during this season different from which we already know. In certain scenarios, not in all, the new rule INTELCOM will allow us to provide “Support and Control” to our troops, or to generate an “Interference” within the enemy ranks.

The ITS tournament organization itself changes a little bit in comparison to last season. There will be now Types of Operations, a classification of Scenarios that will determinate which missions can be played.

And as a novelty, there will be an Organizer’s Guide, a compilation of advice and tooltips to manage ITS Tournaments.

We will also introduce our new ITS coordinator, Juan Lois “HellLois” to whom you will now as responsible for the Interplanetary and FAQ, apart from being the author of some of our articles.

During the season there will be more surprises, but that is for a bit into the future, now what you have to do is play.

May the dice be on your side!


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