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01 jan

Achilles, touched by the grace of ALEPH

By Carlos Llauger Lorenzo (AKA Bostria)

Oh, yeah! He is here! Achilles has arrived! (once again)

Just like Sun Tze had a Version 2, like Jeanne d’Arc that also had a Version 2, it is time for Achilles to brag about his brand new armor and blonde mane, it is obvious that ALEPH loves to play with her Recreations!

Let’s see his new troop profile, taken from the next, up and coming “Human Sphere N3” and that we unveil here for you, but let us keep some surprises for when the book arrives.

Ehem… let’s see…

First we can appreciate the traits that set him apart from that Achilles that we all love and hate, the difference between the old Achilles’ ODD and the CH: Mimetism of the Hoplite Armor version, an important difference concerning BS Face to Face Rolls.

At the same time, the ARM value is 6. The veterans will remember when Achilles used to have that ARM 6 in his first incarnation. This value added to his already impressive BTS increases his chances of surviving most attacks.

A more in deep look shows us that Achilles has Forward Deployment L1 in this version, which takes him closer to the thick of the fight. A Special Skill that is out of the usual restrictions within the missions that forbid Infiltration and Impersonation, but never Forward Deployment.

But there is more. Due to the Infinity’s 10th Anniversary, Corvus Belli has decided to release a Special Edition box with two different versions of Achilles. This set includes the official version (which will be also released as a separate blister in the future) and an alternative Exclusive Edition model only available for this box. Don’t forget this 10th Anniversary Pack will be only available for a limited time.

You may ask, why would I want to have two Achilles? Well, maybe I am revealing too much information here… but the new rules for Holoprojector the further Human Sphere N3 book will bring us allow Patroclus to simulate Achilles look and follow him to battle with evil meta-intentions. The kind of scenario that no enemy would like to face.

The essence of who is Achilles remains: a mad beast. Created to destroy the enemy. The Specialist Troops can walk across the table before his trail of destruction with total certainty that there is no safer place in the Human Sphere, because the floors have been swept by ALEPH’s finest Recreation.




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