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02 oct

ITS 2015: Statistics

Which are the most ITS active communities? And the most played armies? How many players are on ITS?

If you are a regular ITS tournament player, you will most certainly have asked yourself this kind of questions and maybe others. We also have doubts like this, so we decided to take a look at the numbers, and see what they can tell us...

Active players

The number of signed up players on ITS has not stopped growing since first season, but as it is usual in any living community, some players go and some other new ones come. To date, the number of active players has increased constantly, and this season's growth has been spectacular. In just two years, the number of players has multiplied tenfold!

Another interesting data from this year, by the first time, the number of active players in the United States has surpassed the number of players in Spain.

More Active players

The number of reported tournaments has not stopped growing either, season after season. New countries have joined the Infinity community this year. Welcome!

Factions and sectorials

We all have our favorite faction, but sometimes is impossible to resist trying a few others. Maybe because a new released miniature is screaming to be fielded on the table, or because a new profile inspire us to create a new Army List that we are eager to try. Even though, it is inevitable that some factions hit the table more often than others. Can you guess which ones?

It is interesting to see how it changes from a place to another. For example, the two most played countries, the list has more than significant changes:


This statistics could not be complete without a view of the International Ranking. As you can see, this year the British players come strong and it seems that they are going to make it difficult for some of the old veterans of the ITS ranks.

As a conclusion, this data allow us to confirm that the players community is growing which is reflected by the ITS. We can also confirm that the United States are one of the most relevant gaming communities internationally. At this moment, thanks to Operation: Icestorm, the favorite factions among the players are PanOceania and Nomads. And as we approach the final stretch of the season, we can see that the top places of the ranking are heavily contested, do not lower your guard! 




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