From the dawn of Infinity. Tohaa design notes.

1st part of an interesting article about the design of the Tohaa.

Human Sphere N3

Teaser of the upcoming Infinity book: Human Sphere N3!

Tastes like Tohaa

Bostria explains why the Tohaa have special rules.

Sybilla Hotline

Sybilla answers some questions about the background of the universe of Infinity.

USAriadna Army Pack

USAriadna is finally here!

24 jul

I fought for freedom and only got this lousy cap

By Carlos Llauger Lorenzo AKA Bostria

USAriadna, USAriadna, USARF, USARF, USARF…

It is the word of the moment, summer's flavour, the damn trendy army, everybody wants it, Americans love it, the Europeans envy it and maybe there are some Asian Infinity players that have mixed feelings about the new Sectorial Army that Corvus Belli released this month.


17 jul

On the Road to GenCon 2015

By Carlos Llauger Lorenzo (AKA Bostria)

GenCon is a very important event for Corvus Belli.

Actually for a business located in Spain all the effort that takes going to Indianapolis to promote in such big event has always meant a big gamble. Even though it has paid off over time, we have to remember that Corvus Belli was born 15 years ago as a 3 people business, something similar to a “Garage Band”: some amateurs joined together by their passion for miniatures. A very small fish in a huge ocean.


06 jul

USAriadna Army Pack ¡Preorder starts!

USAriadna is finally here!

From today to August 2nd you can preorder the USAriadna Army Pack at our online store. Here you have a little guide to preorder correctly what you want with no doubts.


03 jul

Ariadna ITS Army List

By Javier Garcia Bargueño 'Omadon' Winner of the 2014 Spanish ITS.

When we asked Omadon, winner of the 2014 Spanish ITS, to create some competitive tournament lists for all of you—or to give us some of the list he had used in his victories—, he was so kind as to provide a few of them for us. Today we'll be sharing with you his ITS list for Ariadna.


30 jun

Igao Unit

Vaarso Battlespeak notation: Igao, “minus zero”, the impossible number. In the Neebab Numerology this artificial number represents the esoteric connection with the world of shadows and is the perfect name for a secret assassination unit.


30 jun

Combined Army Support Pack

A new kind of compilation box specially designed by CB for new players. Thinking ahead to the ITS missions in which they will be very useful, this Support Pack comprise a Doctor-Engineer model and also their G: Servant Remotes. 


30 jun


The Janissaries are a heavy line infantry regiment, trained hard to fight and resist till the last man. They are equipped with tactical armoured exoskeletons, and their mission is to stand the toughest combats.

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