Reaching Higher

Great review of the new Combined Army Remotes by Bostria.

ITS 2015: Statistics

A look over the numbers of the current ITS season.

Guijia Squadrons: The Remake

The remake process of the most emblematic Yu Jing TAG.

The 2015 of Corvus Belli

A look over at a fantastic year for Infinity

Your friend the Warcor

Say hello to your new friend, the Warcor.

12 feb

Krakot Renegades, Morat Fugitives

Do you want to know more about the ITS model of this season? Here you have the background and troop profile, a preview from Human Sphere, the next Infinity book!

An information kindly provided by Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor).


08 feb

Chinese New Year Draw

Today's the Chinese New Year and we want to celebrare it drawing the Guijia! To participate, you just need to comment on this Facebook post, or on Twitter using the hashtag #Guijia, answering the following question: “Do you like the Guijia? And, why?”
Everyone who post a comment during today, February 8, will participate in the raffle. We'll announce the winner tomorrow. Good luck to everyone and Happy #ChineseNewYear!


05 feb

Your friend the Warcor

You are surfing the Internet, from one page to another, a bit of Facebook, another bit of forums and BANG! Suddenly, in front of you and without further notice, an Infinity TAG appears. Whatever, Guijia or Seraph. Or maybe if you fancy, one of the incredible USAriadna bikers, or the last Hac Tao. “Damn, this is really cool”. And you click. And you discover the Human Sphere and its background, PanOceania or Svalarheima planet. But you keep going on mad because all the incredible cool minis that are in front of you leave speechless. You have to check that all of this is true.


03 feb

ITS 2016: New season info

The ITS 2016 season is about to begin and what all this involves. The main change is the variation of theTournaments Pack, which will be ready for purchase on the week of February 8th and it began to send from the week of February 15th.


01 feb

Oznat, Morat Hunting Regiment

Hunting is the stellar sport of the Morats. It is their training for war. However, in order to hunt down the enormous, extremely dangerous predators of Ugarat, their native planet, the Morats have developed a system of hunting with scouts, where cooperation among several teams of hunters allows them to overpower prey that would be impossible for a single hunter to handle alone.


01 feb

Hassassins Govads

In the first days of the Hassassin Society, the Old Man of the Mountain personally created a covert ops group whose mission was to investigate and uncover potential threats to the newly-founded Haqqislamite nation. This team, classified as Alpha Level Top Secret, operating strictly off the grid. Their actions went entirely unnoticed by the intelligence community up until less than a decade ago.


01 feb

Hac Tao Special Unit

The name of the Hac Tao Special Intervention Unit can be translated as “Black Magic”, and refers to the camouflage and thermal emission dampener technologies of their armors.

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