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Infinity Army 6

Infinity Army 6: quicker and more efficient.

29 apr

The Imperial Service. Game Lists

By Jordi Colomer (Daixomaku)


Flexibility and versatility reviewed

If there is something that characterizes the Imperial Service (ISS), it is the high cost of its troops (usually associated with outstanding troop quality) counterbalanced by the presence of the Kuang Shi. Hsien, Crane, and Sù-Jiàn are good examples of expensive yet exceptional troops that are foils of the inexpensive Kuang Shi. ISS also has access to some of the best Specialist Troops of the game: Sophotect and Celestial Guard Hackers for example. However, the biggest flaw of ISS has been its lack of flexibility regarding effective list possibilities for ITS.


23 apr

Saint George Day Draw

Today's Saint George Day! Let´s celebrate! We will raffle 1 MILITARY ORDER FATHER-KNIGHT (SPITFIRE)! To participate, you just need to comment on this Facebook post, or on Twitter using the hashtag #FatherKnight answering the following question: “Wich Military Order could slay a dragon?

Everyone who post a comment during today, April 23, will participate in the raffle. We'll announce the winner next Monday (April 25). Good luck to everyone and #HappyStGeorgeDay!


22 apr


By Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor)


15 apr

Fireteams: Strength through unity

An Article by Juan Lois “HellLois”

The new edition of Human Sphere comes with a review of the Fireteams rule, improving it, polishing and leaving it well rounded. Ready to put it to through the trials of the table.

Some troops, due to their belonging to the same unit, or because they received the same instruction and trained together, when joined on a team are so well synchronized that form a squad with an incredible tactical dynamism. This  modus operandi is a feature of just a few units from Sectorial Armies, allowing them to form Fireteams, groups from 2 to 5 troops that activate with just one Order!


08 apr

Contacting the Onyx Force

By Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor)

One of the features introduced in the new edition of Infinity Human Sphere is the appearance of the Onyx Contact Force, a Sectorial Army for the Combined Army. In this article we are going to see what’s behind this new enemy to the Humanity.


05 apr

ALEPH High Functionary

ALEPH’s High Functionaries have a wide range of responsibilities as liaisons and collaborators with the upper echelons of human activity, all in service of the AI and Humanity. Depending on their specific commission, a High Functionary could be assigned by ALEPH to liaise with a government agency, take on an advisory position at an NGO, or represent the AI in the Öberhaus or any of the different O-12 institutions, among myriad possible offices.


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Midnight Sun Analyst

Midnight Sun is but one of the many intelligence analysis teams employed by Black Hand. This shadowy organization opts for the application of Darwinian principles to its analysts in order to maximize the reliability of their output. Black Hand working groups are encouraged to compete against each other for the biggest output of relevant information leading to the resolution of a case or contingency.

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