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Extreme Makeover. BattleTAG PanO Edition.


An interview with Leirbag by Juan Lois (HellLois)

Getting ready for the Interplanetario

All Comers Lists, a new approach

Scratch-built diorama

Alien trophy

28 apr

Scratch-built diorama - Alien trophy

An article by Álex Quinteiro, molding boss and CB’s scenery master, with notes from Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor).

This diorama was conceived after I saw some scenery pieces released by Micro Art Studio, specifically the alien consoles and alien antennae (ref. T00058 y T00060), which provide me the idea of creating a scene with a repulser bike.


26 apr

Gorgos Pilot

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: In Tohaa language, Gorgos is the name of the "i imaginary Number". In mathematics, an imaginary number is a number whose square is less than or equal to zero (i= √-1). Number i is a fundamental mathematical constant in complex analysis. In Neebab Numerology, Gorgos relates to situations or facts implicating death or destruction.


26 apr

Dactyls, Steel Phalanx Support Pack

The Support Corps of the Assault Subsection of the SSS is composed entirely of specialists, both combat engineers and field medics. The Steel Phalanx was conceived as a purely offensive force, but the stagnation of the Paradiso conflict spread the always scarce Sophotects too thinly, forcing the SSS to create a new support unit capable of keeping up with the rest of its heroic troops.


26 apr

Major Lunah, Ex-Aristeia! Sniper (Viral Sniper Rifle)

Major Lunah is a creature of the desert, an environment steeped in peril and mystery. One such mystery surrounds the background of this former Sword of Allah officer who gave up a brilliant military career to carve a spot in the international Aristeia! circuit, but with a secret motive. We now know she was unflinchingly determined to denounce an atrocity she was forced to commit as a Husam Operative, because no oath, no flag could ever wipe away the blood on her hands or muffle the screams in her head.


26 apr

Zerat Special Missions Reg. (MULTI Sniper/Hacker)

The Zerat is one of the Morat female regiments. Of course, if there is a military discipline in which Morats don’t stand out, it is in discretion. Nevertheless, by character, genetics, or by a simple matter of survival, female Morats have stronger qualities of stealth and infiltration.


26 apr

Gecko Pilot

“Don’t worry, boys. Only something really big and well armed could stop us. And there is nothing big that can move through thesecorridors.”

Last transmission of the Sergeant Markus Hölderlin, PanOceanian boarding force SV-03. Raid on the Nomad Extraction Platform Nochtli. First Phase of the NeoColonial Wars.


26 apr

O-Yoroi Pilot

“Win first, fight later” Harakure, notes about Martial Rules

If the old O-Yoroi were the heavy armors of ancient samurai, their contemporary analogues are T.A.G.s, whose design is based on powered armor, for its agility, and one-man light vehicles, for their resistance and fire power.

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