N3 is more than a number in the logo

Bostria explains some details of N3.

ITS 2014 Winners!

Omadon, Fithavil || Sathuli are the ITS 2014 winners!

A Slippery Guy

Who is Armand Le Muet?

Acontecimento Tournament List

Crave show us his Acontecimento tournament list.

From the dawn of Infinity. Tohaa design notes.

1st part of an interesting article about the design of the Tohaa.

25 may

Announcement related to the Classified deck

The policy of Corvus Belli and Customeeple is based on the quality of the product and in the satisfaction of our community of players. As we realize the new Classified Deck does not reach our quality standards we have taken the joint decision of removing the present series from the market and print a new one that fits the quality levels of the company.


25 may

Human Sphere N3

The next edition of “Infinity. Human Sphere” will be a full color compilation book that updates its ruleset to Infinity N3, adding new rules, special skills, weapons and equipment. It will also have background and army lists of complete and expanded Sectorial Armies, including the Steel Phalanx of ALEPH and the Tohaa army list.


23 may

From the dawn of Infinity. Tohaa design notes. (Part II)

By Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor)

As we seen in the previous article, starting from Armand, a mysterious character created in the very beginnings of Infinity, we created a new faction. During this process, more and more layers of complexity were added to their background and also we create new and distinctive rules.


22 may

From the dawn of Infinity. Tohaa design notes (Part I)

By Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor)

ITS 2015 Season prize is a special mercenary character that can be fielded by any faction, including Tohaa and Combined Army. This uniqueness is explained in his background, to which we already dedicated an article. However, today we are going to focus on his origins as a character within Infinity's universe, because Armand Le Muet was the point of origin of the Tohaa.


15 may

Acontecimento Tournament List

By Fran “Crave” Arjones.

Everytime there is an Infinity event that I can attend, I take out my PanOs for a walk,  looking at the missions that our friend Aftorreiro selected for the Alita Santiago Tournament of last March (Supplies, Seize the Antennae, Beaconland and Biotechvore) there is deciding to do between bringing Generic or Sectorial lists. Biotechvore is the most conditioning mission to make this desition, so, which sectorial to bring?


08 may

A Slippery Guy

An article by Carlos “Bostria” Llauger

Probably one day you will find yourself playing Infinity, your favorite game, of course, and suddenly your opponent deploys on the table a miniature that is not familiar to you.


01 may

Welcome to Salute

An article by Andrea Espiña

Months ago, Simple (one of our distributors in UK) invited us to Salute, the most important wargames convention in Europe. The Infinity staff is always travelling all around the world, however we both, Alberto (Bran do Castro) and me, never visited Salute. Nevertheless, the last weekend, we were there.

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