Reaching Higher

Great review of the new Combined Army Remotes by Bostria.

ITS 2015: Statistics

A look over the numbers of the current ITS season.

Guijia Squadrons: The Remake

The remake process of the most emblematic Yu Jing TAG.

27 nov

The invassion: Corvus Belli vs Esbozos (Part II)

Before explaining some of the decisions made by the different sides during this mega game, let’s see the mini-missions and general conditions for each table.

The game will end when the Corvus high commander, placed at the central table, has been kidnapped or if at the beginning of any Turn every Esbozos high commander is in Null State.


26 nov

Avicenna, Mercenary Doctor

AbÅ« ´AlÄ« al-Husayn ibn SÄ«nā (979-1037), was known in the West as ‘Avicenna’. An important Arab philosopher and doctor, he was called “Prince of Physicians”. Author of the Canon of Medicine, his work served as a primary medical education text in Europe and Asia for around four centuries. His reputation provided him with honors, fortune and even political power. He was also known for mixing study and pleasure throughout his life.


26 nov

Rodok, Armed Imposition Detachment

The Rodok Detachment is a prime example of the Morat conception of honor taken to its ultimate consequences. It is one of the most recently founded units in the Morat Aggression Forces, and with less than fifty years of service it lacks the glorious tradition of the more battle-worn regiments. In the Morat military, this is a source of unmitigated shame.


26 nov

Hassassin Ragiks (Hacker)

Ragiks are member of the Hassassin, the Secret Society of Assassins. Their mission is to topple corrupted powers, by force and with Allah’s help. Ragiks are hardened assault troops in the upper ranks of the Hassassin hierarchy.


26 nov

Domaru Butai

“Winning is a must from the start so as to achieve victory always” Master Tetsuzan, quoted in the Harakure.

The Domaru are members of Nipponese culture that, either through family inheritance or military career, have reached the rank of Bushi, generally known as Samurai.


26 nov

6th Airborne Ranger Reg. (SMG)

The sixth Airborne Rangers is the USARF airborne light infantry regiment. Of all USAriadnan units, they are closest to the original operating profile of the US Rangers; a light airborne unit capable of rapid deployment and special operations.


20 nov

Prelude to darkness: Corvus Belli vs Esbozos (Part 1)

An article by Juan Lois (aka HellLois)

A couple of weeks ago a seemingly harmless package came for Fernando Liste. We paid little importance to it, what is a package more, or a package less within Corvus Belli’s routine.

The surprise came when, under the curious and watchful look of his co-workers, Fernando decided to open the package. Inside the box there was a little comlog, on which screen the message: “General Liste” was blinking franticly. Its content would change our existence.

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