ITS 2015: End of Season

End of Season of the ITS 2014.

RE: Hacking in N3

A dialogue about hacking in N3

FAQ HS-CP || Weapon Chart

FAQ Human Sphere - Campaing Paradiso || Weapon Chart

N3 is more than a number in the logo

Bostria explains some details of N3.

ITS 2014 Winners!

Omadon, Fithavil || Sathuli are the ITS 2014 winners!

24 apr

Combined Army Starter Pack Unboxing and Review

[This article is an external product overview made by Thorsten Senger. The article is a translation of the one released in the German online magazine Brückenkopf-Online they have kindly translated to share with all the Infinity community.]


17 apr

What I see from my chair (Studio Update)

By Carlos 'Bostria' Llauger.

Just like any other day, I arrive to Corvus Belli walking along the sunny Cangas. I enter through the puzzling back door of CB—more suitable for a garage than for a company of science fiction miniatures.


10 apr

Armand "Le Muet", Freelance Killer

[…] So what you really are is a triple agent, a mute Tohaa ('le Muet': the mute, in French) not able to speak the pheromonic language, who roams the Human Sphere and will murder for any side. Your sole distraction is music, and mangling a harpset performance is your way to keep the stress and paranoia from driving you insane.


09 apr

Army 5 and Unit profile PDF updated

We’ve updated the PDF files with the troop profiles and the Infinity Army to fix some errata and add new troops. This is the list of changes:


09 apr

Authorized Bounty Hunter

"We keep the Sphere's backyard nice and clean. For a price." Unofficial motto of the Bounty Hunter Syndicate.


09 apr

Yaogat Strike Infantry

The Yaogat Strike Infantry is an elite assault unit with the ability to execute commando-type operations. The Yaogat are ready to mobilize in high risk scenarios, specializing in Search and Maximum Damage Destruction operations.


09 apr

Corregidor Jaguars

Jaguars are yet another of Juan Sarmiento's strokes of genius. Known as "the Mexican General", Sarmiento was one of the founding fathers of the Corregidor Jurisdictional Command.

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