Reaching higher

Great review of the new Combined Army Remotes by Bostria.

USAriadna Army Pack

New sectorial army for Ariadna!

ITS 2015: Statistics

A look over the numbers of the current ITS season.

08 oct

Infinity RPG. Handbook for the moonies

By Alberto Abal Couceiro (Bran do Castro).

There is a Kickstarter up and running to bring the Infinity RPG forth.

If this sentence is new to you, where have you been? It does not matter, this article should be of use to you. If by any chance you are sitting on the last rows dressed with a Scottish kilt and you are yelling: “Hey! I already knew about that!” Fear not, this text wall I’m writing will serve to delve deeper into the rules and contents of this project, to inform newcomers and veterans alike.


02 oct

ITS 2015: Statistics

Which are the most ITS active communities? And the most played armies? How many players are on ITS?

If you are a regular ITS tournament player, you will most certainly have asked yourself this kind of questions and maybe others. We also have doubts like this, so we decided to take a look at the numbers, and see what they can tell us...


28 sep

Kosuil Assault Pioneers

Vaarso Battlespeak notation: In the Tohaa Trident, units that take on special duties are assigned numeric denominators in the thousands order. However, in the Neebab Numerology, the conjunction of certain numbers of strong meanings can imply negative connotations. This is the case of Kosuil, the 7,040, which embodies dissension and ruin, abuse of power, lack of sensibility, and rudeness and cruelty.  


28 sep

Drone Remotes

Drones are remote auxiliary units for combat support. As the long arm of the Combined Army hackers, their structural design follows their function. The front and sides of all Drone models boast redundant data acquisition panels.


28 sep

Mobile Brigada

Mobile Brigadas are the foremost regiment of the Corregidor heavy infantry. These are sturdy, versatile troops who shine both in defensive and offensive missions. Their everyday routine as members of the main assault force in the Nomad Military Force includes taking the brunt of whatever fight they are involved in. Which is just as well, as they might be the only ones with the staying power and tactical know-how to endure constant combat.


28 sep


Hunzakuts are members of infiltration units with a specialization in mountainous terrain. They are experts in alpinism, guerrilla tactics, incursions into enemy territory, camouflage, ambush attacks…the list goes on.


28 sep

Svalarheima Nisses

Nisses are mythological creatures traditionally believed to protect Scandinavian farms. Friendly-looking but superhumanly strong, they are depicted as quick to anger and easily offended. PanOceanian Nisses are a battle-hardened Tactical Assault Group from Svalarheima, created for Protective and Forward Team operations. They might not look quite as friendly as their fantasy namesakes, but their temper and strength are spot-on.

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N3: Rules and Background

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