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19 may

Batrep - A Cold Day in Hell

An article of Ian (IJW Wartrader) Wood from his Onyx Contact Force 300 pt Pack.


[Milton Forward Base (abandoned), Invernaculum Island, in the northern limits of the Lemurian Ocean. On the hellhole planet known as Paradiso.]

Weathersats have detected an unexpected cold front, depositing snow across the higher areas, unusual even this far North. In the wake of the snowfall, tracker satellites are glitching as the Onyx Contact Force send in a team for their own inscrutable purposes, only to find the Tohaa are also taking advantage of the weather conditions…


18 may

ALIVE! Background: Meet BIT & KISS!

– “Fuiiiiiiihss… bang!" she exclaimed while lowering her finger with an extremely dramatic movement to press the holopad.

A vertiginously passing code was visible on the screen, a beautiful spectacle for an expert, but indecipherable for the average person.

–"We’re in, KISS! Let’s see what we find," she whispered to the small remote while examining the files of the PanOceanian High Command. "Reports from different types of missions, undercover operations, main targets under surveillance…"

–"Don’t worry, we aren't in danger, even if we are tracked—I’m doing this through a booster unit… Interesting! We have a report here showing that some files from a Yu Jing laboratory have been stolen. Guess who has been accused of the theft? Correct KISS! The alien forces!"

She quickly coded the information, wiped off her digital fingerprints and turned off the holopad before putting it in a bag. "This is going to be huge," she thought.

–"I’m leaving. We need to make humanity save itself. But not without having breakfast first!" She blew KISS! a kiss and headed for the dining room to have breakfast with her parents before going to school.


12 may

Infinity Design: Extreme Makeover. The Yu Jing Challenge

Article by Gutier “Interruptor” Lusquiños and Juan “HellLois” Lois.

A few weeks ago we saw the design evolution of the PanOceanian TAGs from their first incarnations to their current ones. Now it’s the turn of their rival, Yu Jing, the Asian giant.


05 may

Mercenaries and Infinity news - Major Lunah

An article by Gutier Lusquiños “Interruptor”

When facing the creation of a mercenary character with a military background, one of the first things you has to think about is defining the motive that compelled the character to abandon the army. This motivation can be the core of the character’s development, and of course, when placing them in a certain army it could define their later affiliations.


03 may

Tagline Chapter 6 - Nobody home

Finally, the next chapter of Tagline: "Nobody home"!


28 apr

Scratch-built diorama - Alien trophy

An article by Álex Quinteiro, molding boss and CB’s scenery master, with notes from Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor).

This diorama was conceived after I saw some scenery pieces released by Micro Art Studio, specifically the alien consoles and alien antennae (ref. T00058 y T00060), which provide me the idea of creating a scene with a repulser bike.


26 apr

Gorgos Pilot

Vaarso Battlespeak Notation: In Tohaa language, Gorgos is the name of the "i imaginary Number". In mathematics, an imaginary number is a number whose square is less than or equal to zero (i= √-1). Number i is a fundamental mathematical constant in complex analysis. In Neebab Numerology, Gorgos relates to situations or facts implicating death or destruction.

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