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Infinity Army 6

Infinity Army 6: quicker and more efficient.

Xeodron Batroids: A designed nightmare

Brute force for the Combined Army

Aristeia Outfit

The new look of Miyamoto

Streaming Interplanetario

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24 aug

Happy Ukraine Day!

Happy Ukraine Day! We draw 1 Col. Yevgueni Voronin, Cossack Diplomatic Corps! To participate, you just need to comment on this Facebook post, or on Twitter using the hashtag #ColVoronin answering the following question: What would Colonel Voronin say when he arrives for his first day at the O-12 Senate? Everyone who post a comment during today, August 24th, will participate in the draw. Tomorrow, We'll announce the winner (August 25th). Good luck to everyone! and Happy Ukraine Day!


23 aug

Satellite Tournaments - The Selected

An article by Juan Lois (HellLois)

The new ITS season starts soon, and one of the new features is the Satellite Tournaments, special tournaments with a special K and whose winners will get a place in the 6th Interplanetario, which will be held next year.


22 aug

Interplanetario 2016 Streaming

We are delighted to announce that, for the first time, we'll be streaming live from the Interplanetario! We’ll have live free streaming, like the Bostria’s Seminar, and 2 Pay Per View events (Angel Giraldez painting courses).

To celebrate it, we have a code to raffle for the pay per view videos! To participate, you just need to comment on this Facebook post or on Twitter using the hashtag #InterplanetarioStream answering the following question: Which live event is the most interesting for you? Everyone who posts a comment from August 22nd until August 23rd (03:00 GMT+2) will participate in the draw.


19 aug

Painting Red Veil: Yu Jing and Haqqislam basic guide

An article by Ángel Giráldez.

Some days ago I was at GenCon teaching some masterclasses about how to paint Infinity miniatures. Two of those masterclasses where focused on the Yu Jing and Haqqislam miniatures featured in the new Operation: Red Veil Battle Box. 

As you could probably guess, both masterclasses went a step further, both in depth and level, from the basic tutorial that you will find in the Red Veil booklet. This booklet’s tutorial is interesting as it is a starting point for new painters and a color guide for both factions.


12 aug

INFINITY, THE MANGA. Interview to its authors: Kenny Ruiz and Victor Santos

In Corvus Belli we are eagerly waiting for the new comic to come out, and we know that many of you do too, so we have decided to share with all of you interested, this little interview with the authors of the Infinity Manga: the writer, Víctor Santos, acclaimed both in Spain and in the USA, where he has worked for the publisher Dark Horse, and the artist Kenny Ruiz, well known within the Spanish and French manga scene. We hope you like it!


05 aug

Yuan Yuan, those unpleasant scavengers

By Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor).

It is well known that the exclusive pre-order miniature from the Red Veil Battle Box is a Yuan Yuan, a mercenary and space scavenger. Yuan Yuans are old friends of ours, they have been present in the Infinity setting from the beginning.


30 jul

Operation Flamestrike Hall of Fame

By Carlos Llauger (Bostria)

At Corvus Belli we are very impressed by the level of implication and love for their faction that certain players showed. It is not possible to award them all but we want to point out certain deserving examples and thank their devotion with a selection of miniatures.

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