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Painting Miniatures From A to Z, Angel Giraldez Masterclass Vol.2

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27 oct

Relaunch of the Corvus Belli historical line

Corvus Belli would like to announce the return of our 15mm historical miniatures range. After a long absence, our miniatures return to the market with a license conceded to Totentanz Miniatures, which will produce the models that introduced Corvus Belli to the world.


21 oct

Tohaa box, the new Infinity 300 points pack

An Article by Juan Lois “HellLois”

The Tohaa are an advanced alien civilization that is on an open war against the EI and its Combined Army. Despite all this, the Tohaa have resisted the onslaught of the EI longer than any other race of this Galaxy. This relentless race, hardened from a thousand battles, comes now with a 300 points army box that includes all the necessary models to build an army list ready to face any enemy.


14 oct

Crazy SymbioBomb. An Infinity painting tutorial.

An article by Ángel Giráldez. 

The main reason of a hobby is to have fun, to enjoy what you are doing. So I will explain you in this tutorial how to paint a Tohaa SymbioBomb. However, I will do it in a different way to the official one that my partner Daf did, because it is always fun to try new and different things.


12 oct

Happy National Day of Spain!

Happy National Day of Spain! We draw 1 Knights of Santiago! To participate, you just need to comment on this Facebook post, or on Twitter using the hashtag #InfinityKnightsofSantiago answering the following question: “The task of the Order of Santiago is to protect pilgrims and travellers, even in the space! How would you call a vessel of this Order? “ Everyone who post a comment during today, October 12th, will participate in the draw. Tomorrow, We'll announce the winner (October 13th). Good luck to everyone!


07 oct

The winner lists of SIRXXI, champion of the III Interplanetario

The two lists are based on my idea of “Spearhead”, both rotate around Achilles. The objective is to facilitate and protect his advance towards the enemy lines, with the intention of racking the highest number of kills possible, so then the specialists can swoop in.


05 oct

Join the Tagline - From a concept to the big screen

An article by Juan “HellLois” Lois 

Have you seen “Join the TAGLINE” and said aloud, “What is this? I want to know more!” If you haven’t, I don’t know what are you waiting for. Click here and then keep reading.
If someone had told me when I started working at Corvus Belli that I would be able to produce a short film set in the Infinity universe, I would have died laughing. Then I watch “Join the TAGLINE” again, and I rub my eyes in disbelief only to see that it is real and I’m not dreaming. But let’s focus: how did this idea come about?


03 oct

Infinity Dice Set

Fight your battles with your favorite army’s dice! Corvus Belli presents the first three designs for our new dice, designed exclusively for each Infinity faction.

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