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ITS Season 2016

The new ITS Season starts!

Infinity Army 6

Infinity Army 6: quicker and more efficient.

Xeodron Batroids: A designed nightmare

Brute force for the Combined Army

Aristeia Outfit

The new look of Miyamoto


Something big is coming!

23 sep

Overdron - Concentrated power

An article by Juan Lois “HellLois”

If you liked the Xeodrones the time has come to be amazed by the Overdron.

What do we have here? A terrifying TAG for the Combined Army, a beautiful and perfect killing machine designed for destruction. Despite its crude looks and its reduced speed, is in battle where the Overdron gets things going thanks to the perfect and harmonious rhythm at which it kills its enemies.


21 sep

New Satellite discovered!

An article by Juan Lois (HellLois)

We have selected three new tournaments, which would be ideal to join to the selected Satellite Tournaments for this season, one more for each ranking region.


21 sep

Available now! The official Infinity T-shirts have arrived! This is a small project that we have been considering for a long time, and that many of you have been asking for.


16 sep

Yu Jing - Beyond the Red Veil

An article by Carlos Llauger Lorenzo (Bostria)

Comrades of the glorious StateEmpire, this is without any doubt our year. We always knew our superiority over our enemies, the weight of the facts has reaffirmed this truth that was firmly planted into the hearts and minds of the Yu Jing nation.

Operation Red Veil has been a great success for Yu Jing. Our strength has set the boundaries and cleared any doubt about the status quo of the Human Sphere. Yu Jing prevails and commands, the rest is just noise.


09 sep

Haqqislam - Beyond the Red Veil

An article by Carlos Llauger Lorenzo (Bostria)

Oh, yeah! This is the article that the community was looking for, the article it needs. Because we are always thinking about veteran players, yeah you, who know everything about the range, the troop lists... But on our community there are also newbie players that come in through event-products like the recent “Operation: Red Veil”.


07 sep


Let´s celebrate the #BrazilIndependenceDay! We draw 1 Neoterra Corporate Executive. To participate, you just need to comment on this Facebook post, or on Twitter using the hashtag #InfinityNeoterra answering the following question:” As said in the circles of the great investors and economists, if you haven't worked in Neoterra, you haven't really done business. What kind of business would you try in the financial capital city of the Human Sphere?”  Everyone who post a comment during today, September 7th, will participate in the draw. Tomorrow, We'll announce the winner (September 8th). Good luck to everyone!


02 sep

Pulpi says bye - A resume of the 3rd Interplanetario

An article by Juan Lois “HellLois”

The 3rd Interplanetario has finished. And it was an awesome weekend, plenty of Infinity games, painted models, good vibes and amazing people.

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