ITS 2015: End of Season

End of Season of the ITS 2014.

RE: Hacking in N3

A dialogue about hacking in N3

FAQ HS-CP || Weapon Chart

FAQ Human Sphere - Campaing Paradiso || Weapon Chart

N3 is more than a number in the logo

Bostria explains some details of N3.

ITS 2014 Winners!

Omadon, Fithavil || Sathuli are the ITS 2014 winners!

01 may

Welcome to Salute

An article by Andrea Espiña

Months ago, Simple (one of our distributors in UK) invited us to Salute, the most important wargames convention in Europe. The Infinity staff is always travelling all around the world, however we both, Alberto (Bran do Castro) and me, never visited Salute. Nevertheless, the last weekend, we were there.


01 may

45th Highlanders Rifles

“Scots, who have bled for Wallace! Scots led by the Bruce! Charge for the bloody bed and for victory!” Captain Craig Munro. The battle of Loch Kirkshaig, Commercial Wars of Ariadna.


01 may

Aquila Guard (HMG)

“In omnibus princeps” (The First In Everything) The Aquila Guard’s  motto .

Elite regiments from the prestigious military academies of Aquila. Among it’s members are the best strategists and tacticians of the army. The Guard’s illustrious history is included in the Panoceanian army training manuals. The Aquila military academy is proud to indoctrinate its cadets in the ancient tradition of “lead from the vanguard”.


30 apr

Classified Deck: A new way to play the Classified Objectives

Ever since the Classified Objectives were first introduced in the ITS rules, both players and organizers have been asking for an alternative to the selection system by means of a die roll on the various Classified Model Charts. In answer to this request here you have the Classified Deck - a card deck summarizing all the Classified Objectives -.


30 apr

Kaeltar Specialists

Note on Vaarso Battlespeak: In the Tohaa Trident, certain support units which employ specific technologies that lie outside the normal realm of tactical operations require designations with double enumeration.


30 apr

Fraacta Drop Unit (Boarding Shotgun)

If you were to ask a Fraacta what their unofficial motto is, she would say, with a savage smirk on her face and a spark in her eye: “Always Careless”. No one can deny that the entire modus operandi of this unit is predicated on wanton recklessness.


30 apr

Tiger Soldier (Boarding Shotgun)

In Chinese tradition the Tiger is the most powerful animal after the Dragon, which is the Emperor.

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