From the dawn of Infinity. Tohaa design notes.

1st part of an interesting article about the design of the Tohaa.

Human Sphere N3

Teaser of the upcoming Infinity book: Human Sphere N3!

Tastes like Tohaa

Bostria explains why the Tohaa have special rules.

Sybilla Hotline

Sybilla answers some questions about the background of the universe of Infinity.

USAriadna Army Pack

USAriadna is finally here!

28 aug


By Krzystof Kryspin (Krystoff)

First advice for someone starting to play Infinity would be "know the rules". I mean really know them. Don't just learn them from hearsay in your gaming group. Sit down on your butt, grab a rulebook and read it from A to Z. Understand the core rules and mechanics of this game. Don't trust blindly your local rules "gurus". Infinity is a fairly complex game and even seasoned veterans can be caught not knowing something or playing wrong. Read the rules section on the official forums frequently. Thanks to this you'll acquire a set of tricks and solutions to situations on the table that you wouldn't think of previously.


24 aug

Corregidor Alguaciles

The Alguaciles are a militarized police regiment of Corregidor and are used as light infantry in defence and as mercenaries.


24 aug

Acmon, Dactyls Sergeant

Acmon (Aκμον in ancient Greek). Associated with the anvil, in Greek mythology he was one of the three Dactyl Phrygians of Mount Ida who served the Great Mother and who discovered the art of forging steel with fire. In Virgil's Aeneid, Acmon son of Clitius, was one of the Aeneids, companions of Aeneas on his journey through Italy after the fall of Troy.


24 aug

USAriadna Grunts, Line Rangers Regiments

Sua sponte” (Of their own accord). Historical US Army Rangers motto, adopted as a regimental motto by the USAriadna Grunts to signify the voluntary character of their unit.


21 aug

Always trust the Grunts

By Carlos Llauger Lorenzo AKA Bostria

In this month of August one of the new Corvus Belli releases is the USAriadna Grunts unit box with all the special weapon options, the ones that cost SWC, the ones that make the difference.


13 aug

Why 'Interplanetary'?

By Carlos Llauger AKA Bostria

We see a rocky desert and behind some stones, near a pond there is a group of apes. They eat, sleep, fight, scratch and play with rocks. One of them touches a monolith and this takes him to invent a miniatures game that...

No, enough… let's get to the point. Why Interplanetary?


07 aug

One step more

This is the moment, when the kids become adults (or it’s looks like that, we are not still sure). Corvus Belli change their location to a new place. A new place bigger than three friends could imagine when they founded a little company 15 years ago.

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