Acontecimento Tournament List

Crave show us his Acontecimento tournament list.

From the dawn of Infinity. Tohaa design notes.

1st part of an interesting article about the design of the Tohaa.

Human Sphere N3

Teaser of the upcoming Infinity book: Human Sphere N3!

Tastes like Tohaa

Bostria explains why the Tohaa have special rules.

Sybilla Hotline

Sybilla answers some questions about the background of the universe of Infinity.

26 jun

Sibylla Hotline! A quick look to some Infinity Universe background issues.

Welcome, dear user,

I am Sibylla, your Information and Interactive Access Guide to the Human Sphere, ready to solve any doubt that you may have. The system has detected a series of recurrent questions coming from the Infinity community forums, questions that have been considered of general interest. Ready? Let's go!


19 jun

What I see from my chair II (Studio Update)

An article by Carlos Llauger Lorenzo (Bostria) censored by Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor).

Hot and damp are two things that you will have in Cangas del Morrazo by June. I am sure that 175 years into the future even if people carries Cubes, explodes SymbioBombs and connects to Maya directly through the brain, Galicia will still suffocate you in its hot and damp weather.


12 jun

Scratch Scenery

An article by Gutier Lusquiños (Interruptor) and Álex Quinteiro.

In CB we like to brag about talent, and there is a talented staff member never valued enough is Álex Quinteiro, who cares about the production molds reflect the mastery of the sculptors, but he is also our scenery maker.


05 jun

Tastes like Tohaa

By Carlos Llauger Lorenzo (AKA Bostria)

Hello all.

Truthfully there are days in which you ask yourself why Corvus Belli does the things it does. Why so many time and effort is invested doing certain things.

How easy would have been giving the Tohaa an extra Wound in their profiles and forget about their Symbiont Armor.


02 jun

Drakios & Scylla, Steel Phalanx's NCO


Drakios or Dracius (Ancient Greek: ΔρÃŽ¬κυ-ος). During the Trojan War, he was one of the four commanders of the Epeans, originally from the city of Elis. Drakios is mentioned in the 13th book of the Iliad, bravely leading his men against the Trojan attack led by Hector, which overwhelmed the defenses of the Achaeans and threatened their boats.


02 jun

Umbra Legates

The Umbra. One of the most dangerous and murderous races in the entire universal warriorhood. Mysterious martial artists from an unidentified planet, the Umbra have been the scourge of the cosmos for ages.


02 jun

Intruders, Comandos de Asalto de Corregidor

The Intruders are sent to action when the workers from Corregidor smell trouble.

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